Training Video to help Create your Best Portrait drawings

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Let’s start with this free training video with sketchposes

We love to provide you with a free tool to grow your skills! This Sketchposes video is a wonderful help for any artist to practice drawing skills. The video shows a number of portraits of women, posing for sketching. The posing time ranges from three to twenty minutes. Next, the following pose for the portrait appears and you can continue doing your next sketch. This way of practicing will boost your drawing power. Just keep doing this every day for a number of weeks and you will grow your drawing skills to the max!

Timed Sketchposes, why are they important?

Time-limited sketching is used to quickly warm up our drawing hand. We also need to warm up our perception to estimate the right proportions of our drawing. Switching to a new portrait sketch within a short amount of time gives us that. The artist is compelled to renew his ability to quickly set up a portrait. The sketch poses video provides a number of opportunities to practice your skills.

Video is very patient and ideal to practice sketchposes

Yes, we all love to work with live models. But there are a number of problems that might prevent us from doing that. First of all, a live model charges an hourly rate that not all artists can afford. Second, the model is not always available when we need him or her. Not every model can sit still for a serious amount of time. The sketchposes video might be a solution for you.

About Dutch Art Academy

Dutch Art Academy started with a dream of Marion de Jong, a Dutch Artist, of making beautiful realistic artworks. Works that display quality in the first place. As sometimes conceptual art or creativity is valued higher than quality, Marion’s aim is to provide a means to gain foundations of art skills, on top of which conceptual art and creativity can be built. Thus Dutch Art Academy was born. Dutch Art Academy is an online school, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Who is Marion de Jong

The pastel portraits her grandfather did awakened Marion’s artist’s heart. What you see here is where that led. Grandpa’s can of watercolor pencils had an irresistible appeal. These experiences with art at a young age never left her. After learning a “solid trade,” she developed as an artist. Her work evolved from realism to abstract to super realistic and everything in between. Look here…

Marion’s work

From Aquarel to Intuïtion

She began with watercolor and then moved to acrylic and mixed media. In her early years, she worked mostly in a modernist style.
“I created many intuitively inspired works based on Christian themes. Starting in 2013, the need for more realistic work arose. Marion began to focus more on realism and the technique required to do so.

New Masters

‘I developed a love of drawing and also began to paint in oils. In de traditie van de Oude Meesters: maakte ik mastercopies, of voorstudies van hen, om hun technieken te onderzoeken en te beheersen. Vanuit deze basis van realisme, het kunnen vatten van vorm, tonaliteit en zeggingskracht, is het mijn missie om de Nederlandse traditie van tekenen en schilderen nieuw leven in te blazen. It would be so wonderful if this Dutch legacy could be preserved for future generations.’

Marion’s education

For 5 years Marion studied at the Gooische Academie in Laren, NL, and took classes in drawing, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. She did several portrait- and modeling courses, including with Humphrey Bennett, Svetlana Tartakovska, and Anatomy/écorché with Per Olof Penrick (Florence Academy of Art), Maudi Brady Anatomy (Florence Academy of Art) (and many others). For portrait, landscape, and still life, she attended some workshops at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence. In addition, she is constantly engaged in self-study.

Artist statement

My entire art career focuses on exploration and growth. Starting from intuitive work, I explored the spontaneous and intuitive process of making art. Working with mixed media, collage, mediums, materials, and textures is in my artist’s toolbox.

An artistic foundation starts with drawing (love sketchposes)

From a parallel path, I immersed myself in the technique of drawing. Searching for design, tonality, perspective and the human figure, in recent years I focus on portrait and model drawing. I search for symbolism. I do not shy away from oil paint, although drawing has an almost addictive effect.

What does it mean to be an artist?

Woven into history is that art making is passed down from master to apprentice. Teaching has been a common thread since 2006. Marion has taught drawing and painting in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany since 2006. First intuitive styles, later more technically oriented subjects. The ideal picture for Marion is a balance between technique and intuition.
Marion is the founder of the online school Dutch Art Academy for realistic art education. Using the online school, lessons are available anywhere, anytime.

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