Is your art accurate, is there a resemblance?

Literally, every artist I know has a challenge when it comes to drawing or painting in an accurate way. But actually, what is accuracy? I have a FREE DOWNLOAD to help.

Accuracy in drawing or painting would mean the degree to which the measurement of our drawing and painting decisions, conforms to the model. 

When we would paint or draw someone’s portrait we would have the live model sitting in front of us. We would start drawing or painting ‘from live model’. 

Our accuracy HERE would depict HOW accurate we would be in replicating the model. In other words: how well can we draw or paint the model so that our artwork looks the same as the model? 

The answer is accuracy.

Many artists if not every artist, have a challenge with this aspect of their art practice. 

We do not really know what we are seeing and we believe that we need to ’train’ our eyes to be better artists. For this, we start doing a lot of sketching to get better at it. I think this process of getting better in drawing and painting realism can be a lot more efficiënt. I say this because in the past I lost a lot of time by just drawing/painting a lot, without actually knowing what I was consciously doing. 

I didn’t understand or know what was happening when I was drawing. It has everything to do with the concept of ‘perception’. Many artists are unaware of the concept of perception. So let’s dive into this first before we start talking about accuracy.

What is perception?

I found a few definitions 

1. the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through our senses

2. the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

Each artist is influenced heavily by what we see, hear, and perceive from the world around us. When we see a beautiful bird, a flower, an object it touches our heart and we start our creative process. Perception has everything to do with HOW we see the world around us.

How to resolve a lack of likeness in our artwork!

When we would draw a portrait and compare the portrait with the model we are mostly confronted with a lack of likeness. Some try to hide this by calling the drawing a ‘psychological portrait’ or ’the portrait is inspired by’ the model. The fact is we see a difference between the drawing/painting and the model. We think we drew reality, but it is not the fact.

It has everything to do with perception and the good news: we can work on our perception! Download 2 great exercises that will help you resolve the problem of inaccuracy. It just needs 6 weeks to see great improvements!