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One of the major questions artists ask themselves: how do I get more free publicity and sell more art? Download the FREE CHEAT SHEET. I know for some artists money is a no-go. They find their artistic world of ideation and creation the most important part of an artist’s life. But let’s be honest…

How can you buy materials?

Reality check: you need money. Some artists have a partner that provides money, others have a job. But really, isn’t your dream to work more hours on your art than on your job? And sell your art for amounts that only Banksy and some others can dream of? There are artists that have no money problems but just want to generate more money to help others and support a good cause.

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In all of these cases, I might have a little help for you. My Cheat Sheet How to get more publicity and sell more. You can download that at the bottom of the page. It shows you a number of ways to get more publicity and some tips.