These simple drawing materials are all you need!

These simple drawing materials: Graphite pencils Koh-i-Noor, Faber Castell, or Staedtler brand:
2H, HB, 2B, 4B (at least 2 pieces of each )

1 T-ruler of  at least 40 cms length

1 geo triangle ruler or another  triangular ruler

1 kneaded eraser

1 pen eraser TOMBOW Mono Zero which has an ultra-fine eraser tip 2.3 mm (or similar)

1 hobby knife in a small size

1 piece of sanding paper 200 grain

1 large wooden BBQ- pin or a thin knitting needle without cap

1 block transparent paper A3 size

1 A3-size sketchbook fine drawing paper smooth, minimum 120 grams

1 role painters tape suitable for wallpaper (Tesa Pink is wonderful)

(The above items can be switched for similar brands available in your country)

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