Accurate measurements when drawing…

There she is, a beautiful inspiring model. She is sitting there, waiting for you to create an amazing piece of art. First of all, she might be intimidating, but next, once you start feeling comfortable with each other, you start your artwork. I share 8 tricks to achieve accurate measurements in my video at the bottom of the page.

a beautiful model is waiting

What does your easel have to do with accurate measurements?

Adjust your easel to the right position for accurate measurements
Adjust your easel to the right position for accurate measurements

Make sure your easel is standing straight. Look at the picture, the drawing board, or
the canvas should not be leaning backward. If it does, it causes distortion of the drawing or painting.
Remember: A painting is hanging on a straight wall, so try to also paint on a straight surface to avoid distortions. Let’s look at another trick.

My next trick is this

With a few pieces of masking tape mark the location on the floor of your studio where you are standing. This is going to be the exact location from where you are going to do your measurements. This way you will always have the same view of your model. It can be the same location as where you draw or paint. What to use for measuring, a ruler?

Now about your tools to make measurements

You can use anything to measure: a knitting needle, a skewer, a pencil, a piece of thread.
I prefer a metal knitting needle. It is straight, never bends, and never breaks. But a simple wooden skewer can do the trick.

Five other tricks

I have five other tricks that I share in the replay. You can watch it here: