How to price your artwork

Have you ever been in this situation: you are standing next to your painting and you are discussing the work with someone standing next to you.
Then they ask you: ‘If I would be interested in buying your painting, what would the price be?’ Did you see that one coming? Are you ready to give your answer with confidence? Are you sure you will mention the right amount?
Or is your heart trembling for fear you will be asking too much or too little? How do you price your artwork? I have a FREE CHEAT SHEET to find that out.

Calculating the right price for your artwork is something each artist is confronted with. It is not that easy at all. Each artist is confronted with this still silene voice (out loud enough for you to hear) that says: ‘It’s not worth that much, or ‘Who would want it to buy? Or: I would love to get this four-figure price, but….mmm not very likely that I will get it. But then what? ‘I am not going to sell it for less, it’s worth it!’

Emotions are running through your veins when it comes to pricing your art

You could write a book about this inner conversation that flings from left to right and back again.
You poured out your heart into this work and still feel attached to it. Emotionally you feel the work is worth a certain price….but does your client feel the same?
Let’s first take a look at your client. Maybe you have a good idea who your client is, out maybe not. Your client (or better: the wallet of your client) is a major decision-maker on how to price your art.
Have you ever thought about who you want your client to be?

Who is your client?

You might have heard about calculating according to the size of your work.
That could be an option. But there are more factors that influence your pricing, like material, experience, there is a whole list of factors. And we could easily price our art so high, we would never sell it. Art is a bit like selling a house. When you own a great home located at the edge of an industrial area, your asking price would be less than when it would be located in a high-end neighborhood.

Do you want to know more about how to calculate a good price for your painting our drawing? Here is my free cheat sheet for calculating a good price.